Body Mind Life Coach

If you could find some strategies to help you alter your life…

to create structure and stability in your life…

to feel connected and find passion in your relationships and career…


Then it’s time to hire a Certified Professional Coach. 

Julie B. Martin

can help turn your deepest desires into reality.

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The Power of Transformation - The Seven Skills by Julie B Martin
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Julie B Martin - Body/Mind/Life Coach

Why you would need a coach…

  • Personal development
  • Detaching/ moving on from a divorce or breakup
  • Building better relationships
  • Finding a new job/ creating joy in current job
  • Building confidence
  • Finding a powerful authentic voice
  • Time management
  • Connection to self and others
  • Creating structures for stability and security
  • Body/Health/Self Well-being
  • Get in touch with pleasure/ fun/ laughter
  • A bigger life script
  • Finding your values
  • Setting boundaries and parameters
  • Future business

“Julie helped me to peel away many layers of my inauthentic self and to revive the passion and soul that I had forgotten. I am much more grounded and honest with myself and appreciate life in a way I never had.”

Stacy Sayre

“Julie profoundly changed my life when I went through her POT7 program. I was ready to step into my space as The Money Therapist, but had a few blocks when it came to vidoes and television. She helped me remove those blocks so I could enjoy the life that I wanted with confidence!”

Holly Nicholas Signorelli

The Money Therapist

“Working with the seven skills has given me a framework. I don’t feel as lost as I did before and I am trusting myself more and more each day. Julie gave me tangible tools and practices that I incorporate into my self-healing through my thoughts, journaling, creativity, and personal conversations. Her wisdom is engaging, consistent, and natural. I feel so grateful to have met Julie and I’m excited to continue to practice the seven skills through the workbook. Thank you Julie!!

Ayla X. Dozier

Young Artist, Mentor and Educator, Creative Vision Inquiries

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