A lady brought corn for us to shuck while Our Daddy was dying. We straddled the bench of the picnic table and started to shuck… there were tubs full of corn waiting on us. My sister in law said, “Who does this… who shucks corn at a time like this?” I said, I don’t know… but we don’t!”

We both walked away from the distraction…choosing to put our time with our Dad.

I have thought about that moment many times… who shucks corn when their Daddy is having his last moments on earth?

I know she meant well and maybe that is how she deals with stressful experiences… she needs a distraction. We didn’t.

We needed to comb his hair, massage his legs, listen to his stories and to whisper in his ear. We needed to hold him, to be there, to witness his departing, to be steady while he flew. 

Here we are in the season of the eclipses and with it is some potent energy that no one can deny. Some are on fire, ready to make changes that have needed to change and some are sad needing to cry for feelings that were hidden. Some are walking away from jobs and relationships. Some are lonely and realizing how desperate it feels. Some are wishing for or creating a distraction… but it’s here, you can’t do what others want you to do.

You can’t shuck corn when you need to be present. Only in letting what’s dead in you stay dormant can you fly with newness.

We have a choice to put fire to the new. Fire transforms. It’s time to rise from the ashes.