You will learn the seven skills to empower your life…

You can learn how to soften the struggle until there is none.

And find the obstacles that create the missing brick.

The Power of Transformation – The Seven Skills

“I have always loved life and have had a great passion for compassion.  I have always known that my body was a gift, that my soul was free and enlightened.  I knew that I was to be responsible for this gift so that I could experience this life through the senses. Having a body gives us the opportunity to experience this life with gratitude. The Power of Transformation: The Seven Skills (POT7) was created as a result of my gratitude, from all that I have experienced and learned through my own journey of healing as well as helping others along the way, knowing that this was something that needed to be shared. This is my wish for you, that using The Power of Transformation: The Seven Skills will aid you in your healing and transformation, that you may live a life of love and abundance, with balance and harmony between body, mind and soul.”

Julie B. Martin

“Since I have been taking Julie’s yoga classes for a little over a year, I have learned so much and gained a lot of strength and flexibility.  I have just finished her seven-week Chakra Class and would like to recommend it to anyone who wants to get in touch with their mind, body, and spirit.  Julie is such an inspirational teacher who showed me how to heal myself.  Thank you from my heart!”

Susan Hurd

POT7 and yoga student

“I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and Fibromyalgia 16 years ago.  As you can imagine, I have tried a lot of different programs and help over the years.  I met Julie about a year ago.  I had never tried Yoga and wasn’t too sure about it.  I am over sixty and never thought that my body would be capable of all the moves and stretches I can now do.  My balance is a lot better, my core strength is better, and my general health is better.  I can’t say enough about Julie’s knowledge and understanding of the human body.  It has been a wonderful part of making physical therapy work much, much better for me.”

Faye McKay

Physical Therapy student

“I had always practiced yoga at home and was self-taught.  I never truly appreciated the art of yoga until I went to one of Julie’s classes.  She is one of the most inspirational people I know.  She has helped me appreciate and understand yoga in a way I never thought I could achieve.  My emotional and physical well-being has improved dramatically and I continue to look forward to attending Julie’s classes.”

Melissa Simmons

POT7 and yoga student

Julie is thrilled to be able to instruct and share
The Power of Transformation at Asha Yoga.


Here’s a clip of Cori and Julie discussing the series

The Power of Transformation

7 Skills for [YOUR] Personal Freedom with Julie Martin at ASHA Yoga