The Power of Transformation Workshops by Julie B. Martin


The Power of Transformation Workshops.
Creating your deepest desires with four qualities and one skill.

“Cultivating space will create awareness and acceptance. After each posture in yoga there is a moment to examine how your body feels… to take inventory. When we have thoughts that create emotion…it is good to just give space to the emotions without trying to change them. Just concentrate on your breath without changing …be aware and accept.

Space is a humble teacher. Create space to be aware of your surroundings and how you feel in that space. Pause, become aware. If we let our mind be controlled by noise and not attention and our taste to only be satisfied by salty and sweet we have become narrow in our minds and our lives.”
-Julie B. Martin

Join Julie for more wisdom and her experienced guidance to learn how to create space in your time, body, mind and environment in order to balance your body energetically and transform your life experience to include a greater sense of personal freedom and ease!

Course includes two weeks of unlimited coaching via email and text!

Re-Set, Re-Align and Re-Start

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The Power of Transformation Workshops by Julie B. Martin

The Power of Transformation – Life Coaching

Each skill will focus on the qualities of that specific chakra, health issues, dietary implications, and sensory involvement for each of the body systems. We will begin to explore Obstacles,(mental and emotional strong holds) Goals, Body Mapping,  Life Scripts, Harmonic Words, Your own Power Words, Solutions, Payoffs, and Objectives.  We are about NOW. We are about strategies, clarification and accountability.

  1.  Create Space – Grounding – Structures
  2.  Deepest desires -What’s enough…
  3.  Intentions – Empowerment – Life script
  4.  Balancing between excessiveness and deficiency
  5.  Power words – Communication – Mean what you say
  6.  Perception – See the bigger picture
  7.  Belief system – Emotional and physical strongholds – Clarity

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