The Power of Transformation Workshops by Julie B. Martin

Create Space in Your Life

The Power of Transformation Workshops.

Create freedom and ease through 7 life skills that correlate to balancing each of your 7 primary chakras

This course focuses on finding your individual balance in the seven main chakras by developing seven correlating life skills. Each skill has been honed based on how the affects a specific chakra and correlating health issues, dietary implications, sensory involvement and deeply seated stuck beliefs.

Through very specific yoga postures (one pose per chakra), personal inquiry, reflection and experienced guidance, you’ll build the skills to balance your body energetically, soften areas of internal struggle, locate and replace unconscious limiting beliefs, and transform your life experience to include a greater sense of personal freedom and ease.

Julie’s book, The Power of Transformation, is a perfect accompaniment to the course and may be purchased separately online or in class.

“Working with the seven skills has given me a framework. I don’t feel as lost as I did before and I am trusting myself more and more each day. Julie gave me tangible tools and practices that I incorporate into my self-healing through my thoughts, journaling, creativity, and personal conversations. Her wisdom is engaging, consistent, and natural. I feel so grateful to have met Julie and I’m excited to continue to practice the seven skills through the workbook. Thank you Julie!!

Ayla X. Dozier

Creative Vision Inquiries

“Julie profoundly changed my life when I went through her POT7 program. I was ready to step into my space as The Money Therapist, but had a few blocks when it came to vidoes and television. She helped me remove those blocks so I could enjoy the life that I wanted with confidence!”

Holly Nicholas Signorelli

The Money Therapist

The Power of Transformation Workshops by Julie B. Martin

The Power of Transformation – Life Coaching

Each skill will focus on the qualities of that specific chakra, health issues, dietary implications, and sensory involvement for each of the body systems. We will begin to explore Obstacles,(mental and emotional strong holds) Goals, Body Mapping,  Life Scripts, Harmonic Words, Your own Power Words, Solutions, Payoffs, and Objectives.  We are about NOW. We are about strategies, clarification and accountability.

  1.  Create Space – Grounding – Structures
  2.  Deepest desires -What’s enough…
  3.  Intentions – Empowerment – Life script
  4.  Balancing between excessiveness and deficiency
  5.  Power words – Communication – Mean what you say
  6.  Perception – See the bigger picture
  7.  Belief system – Emotional and physical strongholds – Clarity