The Power of Transformation – 7 Skills Retreat

The Power of Transformation - Seven Skills Retreat

The First Power Of Transformation (POT7) retreat was held last August 10th to 13th in  Santa Barbara, California.

My clients live in different states, are different ages, and have different careers. Some knew each other and some did not.

I limit the retreats so that there is humble space to unify. All are like minded.

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Julie B Martin - The Power of Transformation The Seven Skills

Directed by
Julie B. Martin

Hosted by
Shannon Vigil

We came to together to act we were born to act not to be acted upon. We are the effort not the cause.

We brought our skills, talents, gifts, education, experience, and openness to the table to be unified to integrate and collaborate our gifts to create an offering for the world.

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Now we are like minded friends. A weekend was spent in living above the norm… which I call pleasure.

Learning to create the pause, to relax enough to feel the freedom that comes with knowing what is enough so that you not only say you are enough but that you feel enough.

The Good Land Hotel was fabulous in every possible way. 

Automobile Ride

Our next (POT7) Retreats are June Santa Barbara 2018, October Sedona Arizona, 2018.